Scaling up photogrammetric engineering

High quality training for professional geomatc skills. ​

Our activity is focused to technician and professionals who want to product best quality surveys with profitable results in their business. 

We are focused on certified competences and strategic workflows.


Advanced online and phisical trainings in geomatics. Let's be certificated in Pix4D!

Learn geospatial skills from those who already succeded and use them every day: in business as a life you must model professionals who already have achieved the goals you want.

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Services provider

Cartography, Topography, 3D modelling, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality

Our engineering process integrates expertise in different sectors in order to obtain accurate and precise results.

It is not so much knoledge about something specialized, but how to produce useful result for the end user.

Technical reseller

Discover our integrated solution based on Topcon instruments and Pix4D licences!

We provide our customers licenses and tools of the best brands on the market. Our consulting services are projected to make them independent in their specific sectors, through right tools and follow-up coaching programs.

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4.0 Events

Leverage your skills: keep updated with our educational events in industry 4.0 solutions. Level up your vision, future is now!

Have you bought a drone or a surveying instrument and you don't know what to do? Do you hear about industry 4.0 but do you feel on rat race? You MUST follow our educational events, you will take a look at what is happening around you. Our sector is based on in-depth knowledge of the market and technical applications in industry 4.0.

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Photogrammetric Training School di Roberto Romano

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